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Founded in 2003 and with over 20,00 square meters of productive area, Kangtong is a Hi-tech company which is specialized in the research,produce and distribution of piezoelectric products with more than 100 workers.The piezoelectric Products of Kangtong are widely used in Alarming equipment, parking sensor radar, distance detect tools, intelligent toys etc.Ultrasound sensor made by Kangtong has maintained its leading position in domestic market and is mainly used in packing radar and distance detect tools . And has long been supplying the mainstream market such products for domestic parking area. Kangtong owns its development to its scientific management as well as high quality products and service for the clients. The life span of Kantang products can last for over 10 years with no compromise of efficacy or stability.  一、A complete production chain guarantees the success of Kangtong product manufacturing. Unlike many other counterparts, Kangtong can provide tailored service to meet the different requirements of customers’ thanks to its good knowledge of raw materials. without months of material searching which shortens the development cycle and guarantees the product performance.        二、Kantang’s professional production and testing equipment is an effective guarantee of high quality products. As the leading supplier of Chinese parking ...products, Kangtong brought in professional produce and testing equipment both at home and abroad including advanced CNC equipments,car milling compound device, Patch of non-standard automation equipment, ceramic plate full inspection equipment . Furthermore ,Kangtong has developed a professional dust free workshop with patch area cleanliness of up to ten thousand level. All above lays the firm foundation for its high quality products. 三、Kangtong sees its advanced information management system as a powerful tool. Kangtong has brought in advanced EPR system since 2006. Experts watched and tailored a ERP prodedure for Kantong in line with its characteristics thus helps the achievement of swift effective information flow in different departments of Kangtong’s and provides scientific and effective basis for the production and management of the enterprises. This system not only improve the work sefficiency, but also effectively controls the production process of waste and reduce the invalid inventory.        四、The advanced field management is the effective protection of the realization of the production plan. As a professional manufacturer and supplier of automotive electronic products, We conduct preventive management of production scene,while constantly through standardization, dynamic,  activation , humanization,and learning to gradually improve the field management level.. The so-called normalization, refers to the daily work  that must to perform in accordance with the standards, systems, with particular emphasis on standard operating details; dynamic is to effectively mobilize frontline managers to improve management level of enthusiasm through the development of clear indicators for their work assessment and appraisal; activation refers to encourage frontline employees to make reasonable suggestions for improving the production process, thereby mobilizing staffs’ enthusiasm for work; humanization means by increasing the reasonable rules and regulations to finding a way that can make the front-line workers more accurate, more efficient, and more easily to complete the work; learning is to encourage employees to improve their operational level and ability to work through continuous training and learning.   After years of constant development, Kangtong now formed a large-scale production ability. Currently the company has a monthly production capacity of closed type ultrasonic sensor 500000 pieces. Kangtang welcomes and is committed to provide its best service to its customers.